The Crazy World of Stephen Chow Sing Chi

Stephen Chow Sing Chi is the funniest and cutest Comedian/Actor in the world. In Asia, people line up around the block to see his annual New Years movies. He is most famous for his inspired double talking lunacy but he is also adept at slapstick and straight dramatic acting. This is a man who will go from toilet jokes to cultured name puns in less than one breath. Nothing and No one is above his scathing wit, least of all himself...
He usually portrays himself, or a version of himself, in his films. He portrays himself as cheap, mean, selfish and trying real hard to be womanizing but in reality he is lonely and starved for attention/affection. Generally his character wakes up and stops being a jerk, gets the girl and lives happily ever after. Its a good message, if Sing Jai can manage it so can you!
He is abused by everyone, especially women, but he in turn abuses back. Generally the brunt of his abuse is taken by Ng Man Tat. Tat So is the perfect foil for Sing Jai, he is the perfect dead-pan straight man. Tat So can look Sing Jai straight in the eye without cracking a smile (most of the time anyway) no matter what face he is pulling or what he is saying. A rare talent indeed!

What is on this site

Things are still under construction here but you can find several things. Under Films there is a fairly complete listing of his films in English. I have had to take out the Big 5 for the moment as it has gotten corrupted. If you click on a title, you will be taken to a page with more detail and pictures. Gossip has some of the mean things the press says about him. Not that he doesn't bring it upon himself but they are really mean to him in general. The links section I hope to expand by hearing from all of you fans out there and the Tongue page... Well He is a lovely and talented man and has a skill that he shows off with great regularity!

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Sing Jai's Info

Name: Stephen Chow Sing Chi
Birthdate : June 22nd 1962
Birth Animal: Tiger
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 135 lbs
I find I must disagree with the official height and weight given. Andy Lau is known to be 5'9" and Sing Jai is smaller than he. My personal guess is 5'7" and around 125. He is small but limber...

And quite lovely!

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