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Links to other Fans of Sing Jai

I have not found too many people who have sites devoted to Sing Jai, but I'm sure the numbers will grow.

The Good News is that Star Overseas Ltd. will be putting up an Official Chow Sing Chi website here!!! Get the latest on Shaolin Soccer there!

If you have a site, please let me know so I can add you to the list!

  • Korean Stephen Site Thanks to Jean of the Stephen chow mailing list. The picture gallery is Fantastic!
  • Stephen Chow Sing Chi - lots of pictures!
  • Sarah's Chow Sing Chi Site
  • SingChi Times - The Osaka Chow Sing Chi Friends club. In japanese.
  • 611's Stephen Chow Page - A good site, mostly in chinese.
  • Sing-Chi Times - the Japanese fan club in Osaka.
  • Movieworld of Chow Sing Chi in English and Japanese.
  • - Cool but all in Chinese. I Love the gif!
  • Some lovely shots thanks to Next Media
  • Final Combat an old TVB Soap!
  • Kim Sui Page - House of Stephen Chow - I don't know what it is but its in english and there _LOTS_ of good pictures!
  • - Movie Madness of Chow Sing Chi
  • Unofficial Steven Chow Homepage - An excellent site with much information.
  • The House of Chow - cute pix
  • Hong Kong MovieBase - Stephen Chow - not a lot but better than nothing
  • the Big5 Final Combat site- One of his TVB soaps
  • the English Final Combat site- One of his TVB soaps
  • - They are all in chinese, so you'll need a language appropriate reader to see them.
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