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Sing Jai's Film list

In order of the year made

Click on the English or Chinese name to link to the corresponding page. (still under construction!) The Chinese is in Big5. I have the films marked with a red dot and I am interested in finding the unmarked ones! Please let me know of any errors or omissions!
He Who Chases After the Wind
霹靂先鋒 Final Justice
Faithfully Yours
龍在天涯Dragon Fight
義膽群英Just Heroes
Thunder Cops
流氓差婆Thunder Cops II
望夫成龍Love is Love
一本漫畫闖天涯My Hero
龍鳳茶樓Lung Fung Restaurant
風雨同路Unmatchable Match
咖喱辣椒Curry and Pepper
小偷亞星 Sleazy Dizzy
師兄撞鬼 Look Out Officer
賭聖 All for the Winner
無敵幸運星 When Fortune Smiles
江湖最後一個大佬Triad Story
賭俠 God of Gamblers II
整蠱專家 Tricky Brains
龍的傳人 Legend of the Dragon
The Top Bet
新精武門1991Fist of Fury 1991
Crazy Safari - Stephen and Tat So do the narration.
逃學威龍Fight Back to School
賭俠II上海灘賭聖God of Gamblers III: Back to Shanghai
情聖 The Magnificent Scoundrels
豪門夜宴 The Banquet
漫畫威龍Fist Of Fury 1991 II
家有囍事All's Well End's Well
逃學威龍2Fight Back To School II
審死官Justice, My Foot
鹿鼎記Royal Tramp
鹿鼎記II神龍教Royal Tramp II
武狀元蘇乞兒King Of Beggars
逃學威龍Ⅲ之龍過雞年Fight Back To School III
My Hero II - Cameo only
唐伯虎點秋香Flirting Scholar
濟公The Mad Monk
破壞之王Love on Delivery
九品芝麻官白面包青天Hail the Judge
國產凌凌漆From China with Love / From Beijing with Love
西遊記101回月光寶盒A Chinese Odyssey Part One - Pandora's Box
西遊記完結篇仙履奇緣Chinese Odyssey Part Two - Cinderella
回魂夜Out of the Dark
百變星君Sixty Million Dollar Man
大內密探零零發Forbidden City Cop
食神 God of Cookery
97家有喜事All's Well, End's Well 1997
算死草Lawyer Lawyer
行運一條龍 One Lucky Guy
喜劇之王 King of Comedy
Gorgeous (cameo)
千王之王2000Tricky Master

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