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Assorted Gossip about Sing Jai

Sing Jai seems to be a gossip magnet. The unfortunate part is that very little of the gossip is good. The press is extremely mean to him and he in turn is nasty back. They dwell on how all his girlfriends dump him and how the Canadian Govt. seems to think he is a gangster... But as he is a star, you have to expect some of this and I have gathered some of the more reliable items about him here.

Although I must say I would gleefully voulenteer to help him emigrate to the US... (wink wink)

As I find things I will add them... Please help. If you know of anything please let me know! Be aware that some none or all of this may or may not be true. I don't know. What I get personally or from witnesses I mark as such. Anything else has been snagged form the HK tabloids.

Fluff from January 17th
Rumours have surfaced suggesting that Stephen Chiau Sing-Chi has a new love. Earlier this month, Chiau and model Lucy Leston were spotted club-hopping in Guangzhou. Leston is a Taiwan Chinese - Russian model who has appeared in the video for Aaron Kwok Fu-Sing's song JUET DUI MEI LAI (lit. ABSOLUTE BEAUTY). The 173 cm tall model has also appeared in ads for health and beauty products as well as ads for clothing companies. Yesterday, on his way out of an event, Chiau avoided talking to reporters by speaking on his cellular phone.

Fluff from January 12th:
An edition of Stalkin' The Stars leads off today's report. The day before yesterday, reporters from Oriental Daily News spotted Stephen Chiau Sing-Chi on the set of Joe Ma Wai-Ho's new movie LOVE UNDERCOVER (left). As Chiau and Ma worked together on the film LAWYER LAWYER, reporters asked if they were discussing a new film project. Chiau: "Don't be so sensitive! I was passing through and I had a little time on my hands so I just dropped by to say hi."

From Fluff January 11th:
In related news, the man who discovered Cecilia Cheung -- Stephen Chiau Sing-Chi -- went to visit her yesterday. While Chiau declined to speak with reporters, a source told The Sun that Cheung was overjoyed by the visit. (ed. Cecelia was injured in a accident while performing a stunt.)

From Fluff January 1st:
Stephen Chiau Sing-Chi was in Guangzhou yesterday as he attended a publicity event for an Intenet games site. Over one thousand fans of the ever popular Chiau came to the event. Some of them even climbed a tree to get a better glimpse of their idol. As Chiau's last visit to Guangzhou caused a stir, over fifty security personnel were on hand yesterday to ensure Chiau's safety. Chiau has spent the past week in the Mainland appearing at publicity events and shooting ads. He did, however, take time out to attend the Beijing premiere of Feng Xiaogang's latest movie BIG SHOT'S FUNERAL. Asked for an opinion on the film, Chiau replied: "It's good. I think Rosamund Kwan gave a very, very good performance."
Asked about his wishes for 2002, Chiau answered: "I hope to have a good year at work. I hope that all my friends and family have a good year. I hope that the Chinese soccer team realizes their goal at the World Cup!"
With a successful 2001 behind him, Chiau was asked what he had in store for 2002. Chiau: "Apart from GOD OF COOKERY 2, I'm developing several projects. One of them is an action film. If things go right, we may start shooting in the Spring."

From Fluff December 25th:
Stephen Chiau Sing-Chi will start off 2002 in Beijing working on a beverage ad for a Mainland company. According to The Sun, Chiau will be paid HK$10 million for the ad. Further, The Sun reports that Chiau will be directed in the ad by acclaimed Mainland director Feng Xiaogang (BIG SHOT'S FUNERAL, PARTY A PARTY B, BE THERE OR BE SQAURE). Asked to comment on the rumours, Chiau's assistant Tien Kai-Man said: "We have pretty much agreed on a contract but I cannot comment on how much it is worth. It's a good number though. As for working with Feng Xiaogang, Sing-Ye (Chiau) has always wanted to work with him so you could say that their working together on this ad is a warmup for a bigger project."

The Ten Highest Earning Movies of 2001
1. SHAOLIN SOCCER HK$60.7 million

From Fluff December 9th:
In other HK-stars-abroad news, Stephen Chiau Sing-Chi had a busy day yesterday in Guangzhou. First, he attended the launch of his new Mainland toothpaste commercial. Then, he attended a track and field meet at the local University. As there were over ten thousand people at the event, Chiau needed every one of the thirty security personnel assigned to protect him. With SHAOLIN SOCCER still awaiting approval from authorities for a Mainland release, Chiau was asked yesterday if Vicki Zhao Wei's "flag dress" incident will add to the apparent animosity Mainland authorities have for the film. Chiau: "I'm not worried about it. Why would it effect the film? There's no connection. It has nothing at all to do with the film."
Accompanying Chiau to the events yesterday were: Tien Kai-Man, Sarondar Li Wai and Chan Kwok-Kwun.

From Fluff December 5th:
The Mainland ban on a theatrical release for SHAOLIN SOCCER notwithstanding, fans of Stephen Chiau Sing-Chi will get a taste of Chiau's SHAOLIN SOCCER antics as he reprises the character (right) for a new toothpaste commercial that will run in the Mainland market. Since the ad was directed by James Leung Wah-Sung -- art director of Chiau's films GOD OF COOKERY and KING OF COMEDY -- Chiau had a hand in creating and producing the ad. Chiau: "I've done a lot of ads but this is the one that I had the most fun doing. It's because I got to show my moves plus I got to take part in the creation and production side of it. I really liked the way it turned out and am intrigued by this field of work."

June 5, 2001
Thanks to Neve in Taiwan!:
A pc game, the same name as Shaolin Soccer, will be released in summer.
Now you can download a mini-game from here:

Fluff from January 12th 2001:
Thirty-eight year old Stephen Chiau Sing-Chi is in the best shape of his life because his role in his new film SIU LAM JUK KAU (lit. SHAOLIN SOCCER) is very physically demanding as it requires him to spend a lot of time doing various moves on the soccer pitch. Shortly, Chiau will begin work on the closing scenes of the film -- a large soccer match. As a result, he plans to hire three thousand extras and attract many more others to fill the seats in the 10,000 seat Zhuhai Stadium. To draw a crowd, Chiau has set up shooting contests in between scenes in which participants can win various prizes. In addition to the extras, Patrick Tse Yin and Law Kar-Ying have agreed to make cameo appearances.

Calling it a "comic book come to life," Chiau has high hopes for the film and is confident that it wil be well-received. Also, as he is a fan of Bruce Lee, Chiau has written a scene in the film in which he gets to emulate his idol. Related images (courtesy Apple Daily): See site.

Fluff in Color Nov 10th, 2000
Stephen Chiau Sing-Chi postponed shooting of SIU LAM JUK KAU (lit. SHAOLIN SOCCER) in Zhuhai yesterday to appear at a childrens' charity event with former 430 SHUTTLE BUS co-host Tam Yuk-Ying. At the event, Chiau dismissed rumours that he is romantically involved with SIU LAM JUK KAU co-star Vicki Zhao Wei. Pointing to Tam, Chiau asked: "Why don't you guys write rumours about us?"

To that, Tam laughed: "No, don't write that. I have a boyfriend!"

Chiau: "Really? But I don't have a girlfriend!" (SANNEY: 430 SHUTTLE BUS was a TVB after school childrens' programme.)

The following was reported by "AccSpy": Nov 30, 2000
- Xung Yi, the current Olympic diving gold metalist, is in talks to make a cameo in Stephen Chow's now-shooting "Shaolin's Soccer (lit.title)"

Fluff from September 25th:
Pulling up in his Ferrari, Stephen Chiau Sing-Chi attended an event yesterday in the Central district promoting heart health through physcial fitness. Also in attendance was singer Coco Lee. Chiau appeared at the event because he is a strong believer in a healthy smoke free lifestyle.
Chiau: "I always say to people if you smoke, you won't be able to focus on anything. Not only that, it will make you feel lethargic. I used to smoke before. When other people smoke on the movie set, you smoke too. Now, though, I don't and I feel I get much more work done. Actually, you need a strong will to quit. I hope this will helps me stay away from cigarettes for a long time."

Fluff from September 17th:
Let the rumours begin! Yesterday, in Shanghai, Stephen Chiau Sing-Chi held a talent search session for his upcoming new movie SIU LAM JUK KAU (lit. SHAOLIN SOCCER). Chiau's co-star in the movie, Vicki Zhao Wei, took time out from working on CHING SUM SUM YU MONG MONG (lit. LOVE DEEP RAIN MISTY) to lend her support to the search. For the thirty minutes she was in attendance, it appeared that she and Chiau had gotten very close as reporters noted that they 'touched' each other several times.

Some of the talent that appeared for the session. After the session, Chiau praised all those who showed up at the Hong Kong, Guangzhou, and Shanghai sessions. He revealed that he had some prospects in mind and that shooting should start in October without any further delays.

Meanwhile, back in Hong Kong at an event promoting a line of watches, one of Stephen Chiau's former co-stars Athena Chu Yan was asked if -- like other former co-stars Karen Mok Man-Wai, Cecilia Cheung Bak-Chi, and Sharla Cheung Man -- she would attend one of Stephen Chiau's talent search sessions. Chu: "Everyone has the freedom to do what they want to do. It's none of my business. Please don't ask me anything else concerning this person. I just don't want to have anything to do with him. Don't ask me anymore about it, OK?"

Fluff from September 16th:
In Shanghai for another of his talent search sessions for his new movie SIU LAM JUK KAU (lit. SHAOLIN SOCCER), Stephen Chiau Sing-Chi with Lee Lik-Chi took time out to urge Mainland authorities to help in the case of missing child Yu Man-Hon. The thirteen year old child has been missing for three weeks. Chiau: "I don't know why he hasn't been found yet. As time goes on, worry grows. I hope that he is found as soon as possible so that he can be reunited with his family. Besides, making this case known in Shanghai. I will soon ask authorities and the media in Guangdong province to help out so that more people will be out looking for him. If anyone can find little Hon. I'm willing to grant that person one wish. If it's in my power, I will do it. The good deed will be rewarded!"

Sept. 8, 2000
Admit it: Stephen Chow alone is funny, but his most hilarious moments are always when he shares the screen with NG MAN-TAT! The spicy actor, who is featured in almost 80% of Stephen Chow's movies, will once again reunite with Chow in "Shaolin Soccer (lit. title)". THE DUO ARE BACK! Also, singer/actor Alan Tam, best known for his leading role with Jackie Chan in "Armour of God", is in talks to join "Shaolin Soccer". He will probably play a soccer-team coach.

August 25th, Oriental Daily
Two Fans go to Visit Sing Jai at his office to ask for parts in his new movie. All in Chinese. (thanks Neve!)

August 23rd
Stepehn and Tai Lik. Again all in chinese. (thanks Neve!)

August 16, Fluff in Color has lots of pictures about SIU LAM JOOK KAU SIU JEUNG .

From Star Overseas Ltd. Aug. 3, 2000
I got a nice note from Star Overseas Ltd. telling me that Stephen will have his own official web site opening in September! Stay tuned for the URL and any updates!!!

Fluff for June 23, 2000
The night before last, Stephen Chiau Sing-Chi celebrated his 38th birthday in the company of his male friends as he and his posse held a low-key party at a local hotel bar on Hong Kong Island. His rumoured girlfriend Yu Man-Fung was nowhere to be seen.

Fluff for June 22, 2000
Given former rumoured boyfriend Stephen Chiau Sing-Chi's difficulties in casting the female lead for his new movie SIU LAM JUK KAU SIU CHEUNG (lit. SHAOLIN SMALL SOCCER ARMY), (Karen) Mok was asked if she would entertain the thought of working with Chiau again. Mok: "I wouldn't mind working with Sing-Jai again but he hasn't talked to me about it."

In addtion to attending the costuming session, Mok (left) modelled fashions at a Joanna Ho fashion show. Mok, who recently released a Mandarin album in Taiwan, is working on a Cantonese album which will be released shortly. Yesterday, was Stephen Chiau's 38th birthday, when asked if she got him a birthday present, Mok answered: "We are both very busy. It's the thought that counts. I didn't expect him to give me a present on my birthday. But, between friends, a call to wish Happy Birthday isn't out of the ordinary. Anyway, once you reach a certain age you don't really care about celebrating your birthday."

Meanwhile, Stephen Chiau Sing-Chi (centre) spent his birthday at a charity event. For the event, Chiau was paired with his old 430 SHUTTLE BUS partner Tam Yuk-Ling. When asked about the delay in the shooting of his next movie SIU LAM JUK KAU SIU CHEUNG (lit. SHAOLIN SOCCER SMALL ARMY), Chiau denied earlier reports that it was because he was waiting for Cecilia Cheung Bak-Chi. In fact, he revealed that it was due to Vicki Zhao Wei's schedule. Chiau: "Vicki Zhao is indeed a member of the cast. It really is difficult to schedule actors these days because if you wait for one, another isn't available. It's hard to match the different schedules. That's why shooting has been delayed for so long."

Chiau expressed hope that the movie will start shooting in September. When asked if he would wait for Cecilia Cheung's contract situation to clear up, Chiau replied: "No. Besides her, I hope to find another fresh face to appear in the movie."

July 19, 2000
At the opening lens ceremony of the new TVB series YU LOK FAN DOU SING (lit. ENTERTAINMENT BIZZARO STARS), Leung Wing-Lam and Chan Sau-Yu (left) in their costumes as Teresa Chiang Siu-Wai and Hsu Chi. Angela Tong Ying-Ying (right) in her costume as Pauline Chan Bo-Lin. Other actors appearing in the series will be: Micheal Tse Tin-Wah (as Stephen Chiau Sing-Chi), May Kwong Man-Shun (as Cecilia Cheung Bak-Chi), and Hong Wah (as Faye Wong).

From Sanney for June 17
Earlier, reports had surfaced that shooting of Stephen Chiau Sing-Chi's new film SIU LAM JUK KAU SIU JEUNG (lit. SHAOLIN SMALL SOCCER ARMY) was being delayed because Chiau was waiting for Vicki Zhao Wei to become available. However, yesterday it was learned that Chiau (far left) has been waiting all along for Cecilia Cheung Bak-Chi (left). Reports have surfaced stating that earlier this month, Chiau's lawyer sent a letter to Cheung demanding that she fulfil a contract signed before she was cast in KING OF COMEDY by making herself available for the new Chiau film. Otherwise, legal remedies will be pursued.

From Sanney for June 16
Rumours abound that the delay in production for Stephen Chiau Sing-Chi's SIU LAM JUK KAU SIU CHEUNG (lit. SHAOLIN SOCCER ARMY) is due to the fact that Chiau is waiting for the perpetually busy Vicki Zhao Wei.
(ed. feh! she's not so good as to wait this long...)

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